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2021 Public Awareness: Natural Gas Notice To Residents

JANUARY 1, 2021


In order to insure the safety of our customers, the general public, and to maintain the integrity of our natural gas system we are taking this opportunity to provide you with information concerning our natural gas system.  Our purpose is to provide our customers with a safe and reliable fuel source.  Please take time to read this letter and feel free to contact us with and questions.

Natural gas has a safety record second to none.  We are working, with your help, to keep it that way.

Natural gas is an odorless, colorless and nontoxic gas.  The odor you smell in the event of a leak comes from a chemical we add to the gas as it enters our distribution system.  If you ever smell this odor or hear an unusual hissing sound at your appliance follow these simple rules.

                Do not turn on a light.  Do not turn on anything electrical.  Do not use your phone.

                Do leave the house and call the gas company from a neighbor’s house

Call: City Shop 218-478- 3803. Or City Clerk 218-478- 3614.  Or call the Marshall County Sheriff 218-745-5411.

Third party damage is a major problem in maintaining the integrity of our gas system.  Whether you are building a home, planting a tree, or just putting up a mail box, we want you to be safe.  No matter the size of the project, call before you dig.  Please contact Gopher State One Call at 811 it is the law.

For natural gas meters and regulators to operate safely, snow and ice must be removed completely around them.  Meters and regulators covered with ice or snow could cause the equipment to fail, creating a hazardous condition.  Snow removed from driveways, streets and parking lots shouldn’t be placed near meters sets or other gas facilities.  Contractors, residents and building owners should exercise caution when removing ice and snow so equipment or falling ice does not strike or damage gas facilities.

The homeowner is responsible for maintenance from the meter swivel outlet to inside the building and all gas lines and appliances.

In order for us to accurately read meters and be able to shut the gas supply off in an emergency, do not hang objects on the meter sets and do not plant shrubbery in front of meter sets.  When filling in dirt or landscaping around foundations do not cover up the shut off valve below the meter set.

Thank you for taking time to read this information and if you have any questions or would like any additional information call: Stephen City Shop 218-478-3803 or Stephen City Clerk 218-478-3614.

City of Stephen Utility Department