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Frequently Asked Questions


 What are the hours of city hall?

Monday-Thursday: 7am-4:30pm
Friday: 8am-12pm

 Where & when does city council meet?

Council meetings are held in the council chambers at the City Clerk's Office the first Monday of every month.  If the first Monday is a holiday, then it is the Tuesday after the first Monday. 

The meetings are held at 6:30pm January thru December. 

Special meetings or regular meetings that are not at the normally scheduled time are posted at the city clerk's office and the post office.  Special meetings are held as needed. 

 Can I attend council meetings?

Anyone can attend any council meeting.

If you want to be on the meeting agenda, please let the city clerk know by the Wednesday before the next meeting.

 How do I get placed on the council agenda?

Contact the City Clerk at 218.478.3614.

 Where do I vote in an election?

During an election, voting will be held at the Stephen Community Center.

 Do I need a permit to build a deck, fence, pool, shed, garage, addition or finish my basement?

You need a building permit for any improvement over $500, or any improvement that would increase the size of your buildings, driveway, etc.  If in question, contact the City Clerk's office as utility locating may be necessary. The fee is $15 and they are available at the City Clerk's office.

 Do I need a license for my dog or cat?

Permits are required for a dog and the fee ranges from $3 to $6. Please bring a copy of their current shot record to the City Clerk's office. Permits are not required for cats.

 Where do I get a marriage license?

Marriage licenses are available at the Marshall County Courthouse in Warren, MN.

 Where can I get a birth/death certificate?

Birth certificates are obtained from the Secretary of State in the state the birth occurred. 
Death certificates are obtained from the county offices where the death occurred.

 When is garbage picked up?

Residential and bagged commercial garbage is picked up on Tuesday mornings.  Please place colored bags or tagged garbage on the berm. If city bags or tags are not used the associated charges will be reflected on your next utility billing.   

Commercial dumpsters are dumped on various days during the week.

 Where can I get the garbage bags?

Colored bags are available at Kelly's Country Market or the City Clerk's office. Tags for large objects are available only at the City Clerk's office.