Stephen Minnesota

Settle For Success


The Stephen Area Endowment Fund (SAEF) was recently formed to ensure that the next generation can continue to enjoy the great quality of life and the exceptional quality of place that past and present residents have experienced.

The SAEF provides an opportunity for you to reinvest back into your community.  The purpose is to provide a permanent and significant source of giving to enrich the quality of life for our residents.

Community members in Stephen created this fund to enhance the quality of its places, to meet individual, organization, and community needs, while building an endowment from which only the earnings will be available for qualified activities and projects.

SAEF operates as a component fund of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation (NMF), a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  These donations are managed by NMF and are made available through a grant application process, with the local SAEF Advisory Board making recommendations on community funding requests.

The fund is guided by an advisory committee of local people.  Grants will be awarded to support community and charitable activities within the Stephen area including:

• Education and Economic Development
• Arts and Culture
• Senior Well-being
• History
• Recreation and Parks
• Youth Opportunities

What a man does for himself dies with him,
What he does for his community
lives long after he’s gone.

                                  -Theodore Roosevelt


Northwest Minnesota Foundation Website

Contact Chris Bell at 218-478-3382 for more information or go to www.nwmffunds.org/Stephen/index.htm